Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The fossil record does not support evolutionary theory

I’m reading a fascinating and extremely well done book by Jonathon Wells called Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth. Wells has two PhDs: one in Theology and another in embryology. One of the most important set of arguments that Darwin used as a support for evolutionary theory was based on Hackel’s drawings of embryo development, which have since been proven to have been doctored to fit the theory—in short, faked. This is an indisputable fact that many scientists now admit. Wells’ qualifications for analyzing the fraud in conjunction with the observations of other notable scientists are impeccable. He goes to great length to show how many evolutionary scientists twist data to fit the theory rather than allowing the data to speak to them. To wit, the science of cladistics, which studies anatomical characteristics rather than homology (structural similarities thought due to common ancestor) shows that birds evolved from dinosaurs. However, the fossil record does not support this notion. Well preserved Archaeopteryx fossils (the bird dinosaur) only add to the confusion. Archaeopteryx, according to all established timelines lived before the dinosaurs, so it is impossible that Archaeopteryx could have been descended from the dinosaurs. This does’t disprove evolution but it does mean that that the data needs to interpreted in the light of what it really says, not what believers on both sides of the isle want it to mean.

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