Saturday, November 19, 2005

Is It Time to Nuke Mecca?

A significant tool in the US arsenal against the cockroaches of Islam is the threat to nuke Mecca and all Islamic holy sites. Unlike Christendom, Islam is almost co-dependent on its holy places.What would the Chinese do if they were in our position? Think about it.

A weapon not even considered by the blockheads on both sides of the political isle is the necessary propaganda to discredit Islam. Every bit of evidence against Islam and every single factoid about Islam's Joseph Smith (another lunatic) should be brought to light. Videos of suicide bombers being greeted in hell by demons should be set to middle eastern music and broadcast by western propaganda radio (formerly known as Radio Free Europe).

Indeed, an entire propaganda operation could be built around the legend that the Quran was dictated to a Christian and a Jew. Mohammed was illiterate, so he must have had somebody to dictate his spiritual babbling to. Unless Mohammed himself was once a Christian, the only individuals who could have concocted the absurd biblical mishmash that is the Quran would have been Christians or Jews in his employ.


Anonymous said...

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The Green Ape said...

Yes, it is pleasing to ridicule the beliefs of your enemy— which certainly includes those who would be pleased to cut off your head in the name of God the merciful. Those creative videos you mention of suicide bombers in hell: the euphoric newly dead bomber should be greeted by naked female demons who also happen to be tending pigs roasting on spits, and the dead bombers would of course be required to don burquas and surrender their drivers licenses. So much for being greeted by 99 virgins! The spreading meme of suicide bombing is much more dangerous to more people around the globe than are smuggled nukes.