Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Leave the Internet Alone?

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A number of pundits have been commenting that the internet should be left ungoverned as it has grown magnificently without being managed. Helloooooooooo--has anyone thought to apply this to our own form of rapidly socialising capitalism. We ought to be collectively ashamed that the Chinese have a higher growth rate than we do. We ought to be ashamed that issues such as gay marriage, abortion, business unfriendly environmentalism and all manner of misfits and whackos seem to receive a higher priority from our own government than does our economy.

The difference between a stateman and a politician is that a stateman is one who thinks beyond the immediacy of today's popular issues and builds according to a long view based on some understanding of cause and effect. Do you think that a politician who is obsessed with genitially based issues such as abortion and gay rights is going to be table to think much beyond the yammering of their loins or the satisfaction of other immediate appetites such as gluttony and greed?

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