Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More BS from the Washington Post

Regardless of your morality, your politics or your philosophy, the editing of the news by witholding or minimizing real news events is a particularly disturbing and frequent occurrence that should appall all listeners. For example, on January 23, I attended the annual Right to Life March in Washington DC. Somewhere in the vicinity of 50,000 people showed up for this March, which seeks to overturn Roe vs Wade. The March was orderly and respectful, so what is the beef?

It appears that none of the major news media think this is a newsworthy event, as in putting this news on the front page where it belongs. This significant annual event has been held yearly since 1972 has has consistently been relegated to the category of a minor news item by the mainline media. It is also particularly noteworthy that Jane Doe the original plaintiff, now seeks to repeal the very case which she championed. Is this news for the liberal media? Hell no.

Recently the death of a whale in the Thames river in England got more ink than an annual event designed to save human lives. Think about it: if 50,000 fudgepackers descended on Washington demanding gay marriage rights, it would be front page news. Why? The only possible answer is that news organizations like the four major networks, The Washington Post and the New York Times all have staff members so wedded to their genitals that to cover a right to life march amounts to some sort of ideological treason. We are dealing with morons of the first order. Morons who think it is important to chart the deaths of every GI in Iraq but who don't think twice about the 20,000 plus murders that occur annually in American cities. Since the Iraq war began some 40,000 Americans lost their lives to other Americans and hundreds of thousands were aborted. This of course isn't news because the left doesn't want to reflect on its true legacy: spiritual death and the death by choice that occurs with most AIDS cases--oh oh, I forgot, we are all AIDS victims. Idiots.

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