Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is the Washington Post an Instrument of Liberal Fascism?

I was astonished today to see under my top linked news stories received via Yahoo from the Washington Post that conservative journalist Tony Snow's nomination as White House Press Secretary was nowhere to be seen. The witholding of news is a time-honored totalarian principle favored by fascists and communists alike. Note what was considered highly newsworthy by the Post:

"Zarqawi Taunts US in Video"
"Rice Warns against Russian Gas Monopoly"
"Khameni: Iran will Harm US Interests if attacked"
"Two bombers attack Military Base in Egypt."
"In Canada an Uproar over Army Casualities"

Now how this last item has become news is astonishing. Who cares what the Canadians think? The issue concerns the Canadian habit of not lowering their flag for the military dead. The rational of the government: privacy for families. My reaction: a country that cannot honor its war dead is a country without honor.

Note that all the news is negative. Nothing positive is featured. Now we could surmise that the Post wasn't quick enough with its RSS feeds but I doubt it. The best way to surpress news you don't want to celebrate is to ignore it.

When was the last time you heard anything positive out of the Post regarding Iraq?

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