Sunday, June 04, 2006

Washington Post Claims Bush Caused Abortion

I came across one of the most astonishing pieces of moral and intellectual turpitude in my life today in the Sunday June 4, 2006 Outlook section of the Washington Post. The story is called “What Happens When There Is No Plan B?” Dana L (full name withheld) A perfectly healthy 42 year old, and happily married mother of two describes how she had to have an abortion because the Bush Administration (AKA Boooooooooooosh) made it difficult for her to get the morning after pill. There is no punishment too great for the editors who perpetrated this amazing piece of ideological hogwash. She neglects to investigate why her doctors wouldn’t prescribe it. Not for moral or ideological reasons, oh no but because even they know that this pill is dangerous. They don’t want to be sued. Oh to be Stalin for a day!

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