Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kofi Annan's Biohazard is Between His Legs

It is truly amazing that Kofi Annan cannot speak about the biggest biohazard on the planet--the undomesticated dick. Politicians leap with great alacrity to "safe" issues that can frame them as thinkers or heroes when in point of fact they are simply behaving like dicks--trying to look bigger than they really are. More people have died in Africa due to lack of dick management than all the biohazards that history will probably ever be able to throw Africa's way. Don't get on the white man's bandwagon Kofi. He is as clueless as you are about the dangers of NDMS (Non Dick Managers) educated and put into service by his public schools and left wing madrasses.


"Kofi Annan warned that potential dangers from the rapidly growing biotechnology industry were increasing exponentially and urged creating global safeguards.

Annan, speaking on Saturday in the Swiss university town, warned of "catastrophic" results if recent advances in biotechnology, including gene manipulation and work with viruses, fell into the wrong hands.

"As biological research expands, and technologies become increasingly accessible, this potential for accidental or intentional harm grows exponentially," he said in the text of a speech."

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