Sunday, January 14, 2007

Transcendental Unity of Essence and Existence

If there is such a thing as the transcendental unity of essence and existence, we might ask ourselves a kind of reverse engineering question as to what the mechanism of dis-unity or differentiation might be. Hegel, for all his gibberish about sublation (negation) was onto something. He was, in his own strange way, trying to account for the differentiation of the One and the Many, or the original unity of essence and existence in the Godhead. So turn the issue on its head and following Hegel's dialectic, which is an attempt to account for the return of the Many to the One, ask yourself what this might mean in terms of modern physics. If something like the form or essence of Plato, Aristotle and Aquinas exists, it is most likely to be found or accounted for in terms of a multi-dimensional vector or set of vector patterns associated with hyper-kinetic energy. While this may sound like gibberish, we have to ask ourselves what multi-dimensional objects might look like and what sort of energy characteristics they might have. When I try to imagine such multi-dimensional objects and their energy, they "feel" suspiciously like the ancient forms or ideas of Plato. The Greeks who postulated the existence of the atom centuries before modern science may have been onto something far greater--a mechanism that accounts for a kind of zero point energy transfer between heaven and earth.

As it stands, the vast and magnificent edifice of Thomistic and Neo Thomistic metaphysics is like a conversation about the machinery of ghosts. What is postulated can never be seen, only inferred. If metaphysics is ever to take its rightful place among the world's disciplines, it must attempt to rethink the entire dynamics of hylomorphism by using the tools provided by multi-dimensional theory.


glen said...

Sean, I am interested in multidimensional phenomenon and believe that as we transcend into the afterlife (eternal, immortal)we will experience many dimensions,i.e, just when we have experience the fullness of one dimension of happiness and are a little worried that the never-ending concept of infinity might make us a little nauseou, another dimension will appear, perhaps altoghter different and on it goes, never boring because time has become irrelevant. Glen Lillquist

Sean said...

Check out this amazing tutorial on multiple dimensions