Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Waxman Suppressing Information on the Dangers of Homosexuality

Mr. gerbil nostrils Waxman no doubt would not feel the same way about this issue if the homosexual agenda were similarly featured and positioned, i.e., homosexuals consistently try to reduce the dangerous consequences of same sex activity and therefore might be investigated for obstruction of justice. Try getting the papers on the packers. The Homosexual Network, for example, a book written by Enrique Rueda about the coming dangers of rampant homosexuality and social manipulation to support that agenda was written in the 1980s and was actively suppressed by the homosexual community.

Global Warming is as of yet an unproven danger in terms of its immediate consequences and the constant hyping of this danger overstates the real issue, which is that the science is not yet done and that while global warming is something we should be mindful of, the state of hysteria pushed by Waxman and others is a result of a misplaced moral agenda. Would that the same concern were directed towards crime, violence towards women in the black community or abortion.

"Rep. Henry Waxman Demorat from Calif., said he and the top Republican on his oversight committee, Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia, have sought documents from the administration on climate policy, but have repeatedly been rebuffed in their attempts to get documents that would support their contention."

"The committee isn't trying to obtain state secrets or documents that could affect our immediate national security," said Waxman, opening the hearing. "We are simply seeking answers to whether the White House's political staff is inappropriately censoring impartial government scientists."

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