Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Liberals Ignore Murder Rates in the US in Order to Focus on Baghdad and the Sins of Boooooooooooosh

Open any daily newspaper and you will be greeted by the daily death count in Baghdad either of civilians or US troops. Where is the liberal outrage over the 16,692 murders that US compiled (last set of complete statistics available) in 2005? Conservatives have historically raised the issue of crime more often than most liberals, although we have to be careful about using too broad a brush here. The answer is that liberals don't care and not because they really don't care but because their attention span is more tightly focused on the important issues like sodomy and the murder of unborn children.

Recently, the Attorney General has come under fire for firing federal prosecutors who didn't go after Democratic grafters with sufficient alacrity. Pundits immediately swooned and swooped onto the scene with statistics showing that Democrats were targeted 80% more than Republicans. Hello, hello morons. Statistics will also show that there are far more registered and other Democrats in prison than Republicans. Does this mean that Republicans are targeting Democrats for prison? No dickwad, it does not. What it more than likely means--if you want an interpretation--is that Democrats are ideologically more likely to committ crimes against both the moral and civil order because of their general lack of well-defined belief systems. A belief system that might be defined as: do whatever you want as long as it doesn't directly injure anyone in such a way that a person with an IQ of 4 might be aware of it, doesn't have a whole lot of staying power in the face of important issues. Wave your dick if you feel that Democrats are taking it in the ass.

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