Friday, March 09, 2007

Mitt Romney's Strategy for Dealing with the Sacraments of the Left: Abortion and Homosexuality

Jonathon Rauch, who in this month's The Atlantic, touts himself as an apologist for gay marriage ("I bow to no one in my support for gay marriage.") makes a very interesting point in contrasting Mitt Romney's support for state's rights in regulating abortion and his contrasting lack of support for allowing states to regulate gay marriage. Mr. Rauch is much too smart not to understand what is going on here. The only reason any Republican would allow the states to decide upon abortion is based on the time-honored notion of compromise. If you can't have all the pie, take some of it. Clearly if these issues were left up to the states, many states would ban both abortion and homosexual marriage. As a Republican political tactic, I support the notion that states should be allowed to decide on these issues. Once a sufficient number of states were to outlaw either one of these divisive, and might I add, suppurating issues, the Supreme Court might be enticed to follow suit and abolish what are clearly perceived (either rightly or wrongly) as moral evils.

The larger issue that the left never seems to want to deal with is that an uncritical engagement of the appetites is entirely opposed to the moral and spiritual history of the West. I like to refer to the Catholic Church, for example, as the first church of sexual management (of which it was the prime exemplar until recent years). The fact the Protestantism watered down this noble tradition is a blot against Protestants rather than Christianity.

I digress, however, both abortion and homosexuality should be opposed as a kind of hip pocket moral and political position because they cater to the lowest common denominator of human instincts, viz., an unrestrained engagement of human desire without the normal evolutionary safeguards of children and family. In this Romney is on the right track and if he plays his cards right, his message will ring loud and clear to the voters.

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