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State of the Art Publishing Conference

O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference
June 18-20, 2007 in San Jose, CA
Discover the Tools of Change for Publishing Conference
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Technology is pushing changes to the book publishing industry at an ever-increasing pace, promising to upend the "business as usual" models and create a wealth of opportunities. TOC--O'Reilly's inaugural Tools of Change for Publishing Conference--will explore, analyze, and strategize ways for publishers to keep pace with new-generation innovations and anticipate industry changes on the horizon. TOC takes place June 18-20 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California. Register before May 8 to save $200.

Concentrating on issues affecting the book publishing community, the TOC program is being crafted to facilitate thought leadership for those looking to lead their companies and projects into the new era of publishing. TOC provides a forum for all participants--both established, traditional publishers as well as the up-and-comers--to contribute and raise awareness of the issues. We've gathered a stellar group of speakers from every corner of the book publishing world, who will deliver enlightening keynotes, informative and idea-sparking sessions, and useful tutorials throughout three jam-packed days.

Keynote Speakers Shed Light on the Industry's Big Stories
- Brian Murray, Group President, Harper Collins Publishers
- Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief, Wired Magazine
- John Ingram, Chairman, Ingram Book Group, Lightening Source Inc., & Ingram Digital Group, Vice Chairman, Ingram Industries Inc.
- John Patterson, CEO, Safari
- Tim O'Reilly, Founder & CEO, O'Reilly Media
- Dale Dougherty, Editor & Publisher, Make magazine

Monday's Tutorials Focus on Technology that Powers Publishing
- XML: What Publishers Need to Know
- Digitizing Your Backlist
- SEO for Book Publishers
- RSS to Drive Traffic and Improve Sales
- Beyond Text: Adding Multimedia to Your Books
- Evaluating & Implementing Tools & Processes for a Digital Workplace
- Web Analytics that Work To Build Your Business
- Incorporating POD into a Profitable Publishing Strategy

Tuesday and Wednesday Sessions Highlight the Opportunities
- "Business Models that Guarantee Profitablity in Publishing," Bob Pritchett
- "So Much Data...So Little Time," Kelly Gallagher, RR Bowker
- "Why Do People Pay for Things They Can Get Free?" Rikard Linde, Enklo AB
- "Social Software: What Is It? What Works for Publishers?" Gavin Bell, Nature Publishing Group
- "Free Culture and the Future of Publishing," Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Foundation, Inc.
- "Next-Generation Web Publishing," Jason Hunter, Mark Logic
- "Back to the Future: Major Publishers Revisit Digital Publishing," Jeff Gomez, Holtzbrinck Publishers
- "Beta Books: The Benefits (& Perils) of Selling Books-in-progress," Dan Gillmor, Center for Citizen Media, and Laurie Petrycki, O'Reilly Media
- "Collaborative Writing Tools & Techniques: Reality to Fantasy," Adam C. Engst, TidBITS & Take Control Books

See the schedule of tutorials and sessions so far--speakers and presentations are still being added!

The TOC Conference will serve as a conversation around the ideas, tools, and strategies pushing the boundaries of publishing. If you're a publisher, editor, author, marketing or production manager, publishing consultant, business manager, technology developer or provider, you need to be there. Change is always unsettling, but the shake-up will generate exciting opportunities to influence and profit from new models for creating, distributing, and selling information and entertainment.

Thank you to our TOC sponsors: Ingram, Adobe, Mark Logic, Copyright Clearance Center, and Microsoft Live Search Books. And welcome to our newest sponsor, Safari Books Online!

We hope to see you in San Jose,

The TOC Conference Team

P.S. We're expecting more than 400 publishing experts, innovators, and professionals, so register now. Save $200 when you register by May 8.

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