Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bend Over America

DETROIT — In the coming months, the Big 3 automakers' share of the U.S. market will fall below half for the first time.

Has anyone taken a moment to think about why this loss of market share has occurred? In a word, lack of innovation and weak innovation launched by committee instead of visionaries. What is Ford, for example, most concerned about? Social issues such as promoting homosexuality. Cars don't manufacture themselves. Henry Ford must be turning in his grave listening to his week-kneed descendants-- bums who can't even run companies they never built, only inherited.

American industry needs to rid itself of unions and other bureaucratic parasites whose policies throttle initiative rather than letting it fly. There is an expression in boxing: "got to let your hands go" that could be applied to American industry: let your minds go and stop tying yourselves up in knots with the bankrupt policies of democrats, social looters and other morally defunct politicians on the left and the right.

Think about the wealth produced by the internet. Who regulates it, who taxes it and who tells people what they can or can't put on the internet? There is a lesson in the value of economic freedom unfettered by regulation that is just waiting to be applied to our society as a whole. Do Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Fudge Waxman or the great fat, white beast Ted Kennedy ever reflect on this little datum? No they are too busy focusing on the really important issues: packing fudge and aborting the products of "choice"

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