Sunday, July 15, 2007

RedBrazil.Com - Specializing in Business and Computer Books

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Beta for is now open and ready for your business. We feature new books from all genres fulfilled directly from one million square feet of warehouse space and three options for checkout: Secure Pay, PayPal and Google Checkout. Our pricing is highly competitive, beating Amazon’s pricing for new books in most instances. We do not yet sell used books but look for that feature in the future. All books that are shipped out of Tennessee will be packed in sturdy cardboard T-boxes for both national and international orders, and gift wrapping is available on all items except Hot Discount OReilly titles, which will be fulfilled from our Virginia warehouse. Please let me know how your experience shopping on compares with your experience shopping on other book selling sites. We will work diligently to make improvements to so that it may become your first choice when shopping for new books. We can only do this with your help. Any and all suggestions, and criticisms will be listened to and acted upon if possible. If you are technically capable, please feel free to hack the site (gently now) or to let us know of security issues that we may be unaware of. While we have rigorously tested our alpha versions of the site, there are always bugs that crop up, so it is important to let us know ( of any and all errors or infelicities that may occur. Some items of note: Amazon rolls its $1.20 service charge into the mailing charge. Redbrazil’s shipping and handling charge is only .99. We will be offering customer reviews, ratings and business/computer/book reviews and possibly other helpful advice in the very near future. (Should any of you feel that you are what Tim OReilly might describe as an alpha business leaders or alpha geek and would like to feature your advice daily on redbrazil, please contact me at Once you have set up an account with and Google, Google Checkout affords a very close approximation to the ease of Amazon’s patented one-click technology—two clicks and you are done. Additionally, the address, shipping address, name and telephone fields of Secure Pay and PayPal will also be populated from your account data, so that adding credit card data can be a relatively painless process using these methods of payment. You will receive email confirmations for your orders Redbrazil does not retain credit card information, nor will your email address be sold to outside merchants. We may contact you from time to time with special offers from redbrazil only. All credit card info is heavily encrypted by state-of-the-art programming and other forms of data security at Secure Pay, PalPal and Google Checkout. You may shop with confidence at RedBrazil. Your new books are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes

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