Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just Throw Them Out: Immigration Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Puerto Ricans

Immigration Lawsuit Filed Against Prince William County, VA

The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund has filed a lawsuit against the county on behalf of the Woodbridge Workers Committee and seven illegal aliens, five persons with temporary legal status, and four citizens. The timing here is not an accident -- this is an attempt to get our supervisors to back down one day after Mexicans Without Borders claimed that the county can't afford the legal fees that will result from the crackdown on illegal

We need to let our county supervisors know that they have our support to continue this crackdown regardless of the inane lawsuits that the illegal alien lobby files.
Please contact them regularly between now and Tuesday, October 16th and let them know that if they're going to stand up for us, we're going to stand up and support them.

Please make sure the tone of your message is one of positive support. They need to know that HSM is behind them and supports them. The individual supervisors need to know that we are on their side.

Please remember, many other jurisdictions are looking at what happens in PWC, to determine what they will do in their jurisdictions. If they see the PWC BOCS remaining resolute, moving forward in spite of this attempted intimidation, they will find the resolve to move forward as well.

Here are their phone numbers.
Print them out and please call!

Corey Stewart: 703-792-4640 (solidly on our side)
Wally Covington: 703-792-6190 (solidly on our side)
Mary Nohe: 703-792-4620
Maureen Caddigan: 703-792-4645
John Stirrup: 703-792-6195 (solidly on our side)
John Jenkins: 703-792-4668
Mike May: 703-792-4643 (solidly on our side)
Hilda Barg: 703-792-4646

Please send emails to all the members of the board at

The Cost Of Illegal Immigration for Prince William County
It's going to cost about $2.5 million to increase our local law enforcement efforts in Prince William County to help restore the rule of law. But what are the costs of having illegal aliens here now? In January, we learned that it costs us $3 million a year just to incarcerate
criminal illegal aliens we now have.
If only 5% of the people seeking public benefits are illegal aliens (compared
to 21% of those incarcerated in the county being illegal aliens), the cost is
$2.7 million in taxpayer-funded social services each year.

If only 5% of our student population in the county are illegal aliens, that's
3,600 students, and at a cost per student of $10,496 per pupil, we are spending $37,785,600 to educate illegal aliens in the Prince William County

That adds up to over $43.5 million dollars a year. If as a result of spending
$2.5 million a year we can encourage half of the illegal aliens to leave Prince William County, that would result in a net savings of $19.5 million
dollars each year.

The question is can we afford NOT to do what we can to reduce the number of illegal aliens in the county?

Rally In Support of The Rule Of Law On October 15th
We are very pleased to have Bay Buchanan as our featured speaker at a rally at the McCoart Center on Monday, October 15th starting at 7:00PM in support of
our county supervisors effort's to ensure that the rule of law will be
enforced in Prince William County. Bay is a nationally recognized speaker
and is active in the Tom Tancredo campaign, and has graciously come out from
Iowa to help inspire our citizens to show up at the Board of County
Supervisors the next day and help support our efforts.

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