Thursday, November 24, 2005

Canadian Environmental Group Using Soviet Style Propaganda

"CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - The rush to develop Canada's vast oil sands resources has hampered the country's ability meet commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions and shortchanged the public purse, an environmental group said in a report issued on Wednesday. "

And how might we ask has the public purse been shortchanged when millions of dollars worth of oil revenue are flowing into the public coffers? The answer is that the public purse is not being shortchanged at all. This is simply Soviet style propaganda that has absolutely no basis in fact. When you can't get what you want with truth, and if your essential premises are false, the only alternative is to lie. Thus could Stalinist Soviets argue that there were no human rights violations in the (former) USSR and this was certainly true if you consider that their definition of human rights only included the right to work (slave labor), rudimentary medical care, abominable food and shoddy shelter.

Apparently the flow of cash to the public coffers via oil money is not money at all based on the deranged thinking of Canadian environmental cases.

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