Friday, November 25, 2005

Global Warming Propaganda Being Used to Divert the Attention of the Young

This is the kind of reporting that drives me batty. There are many issues that should be far more important than global warming for young people. Social and economic devolution due to moral and political decay is far more dangerous to the long term well being of all human beings than atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. The freedom to engage in economic activity without government regulation and the meddling of bureaucrats should be of far greater concern than the potential for rising sea levels. So a few coastal cities drown in a worst case scenario—new opportunities for landlocked communities will emerge. Human beings are nothing if not adaptable but the one thing that can seriously inhibit adaptability and creativity are government regulations designed by those who do not understand what fosters either life or economics.


“NEW YORK (Reuters) - When politicians from around the world meet next week to talk about climate change, young people who will have to live with the consequences of their action or inaction will be nearby, ready to speak out. from as far afield as China, India and Brazil, young people will travel to Montreal, Canada to take part in the Beyond Kyoto.....

"There is no issue that I think more threatens the future of our generation than global warming," said Billy Parish, 24, coordinator of Energy Action, a coalition of 30 environmental and social justice organizations in North America.”

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