Saturday, September 16, 2006

Abortion Rights Advocates Invent Non-Existent Travel Issue

Here is some really goofy spin. Why would anyone in their right minds cancel their travel plans because a state had an extremely restrictive abortion law? The real answer is probably no one and the few that might would have negligible impact. Abortion rights advocates just make themselves look ridiculous over this one.

A threatened tourism boycott of South Dakota over new state law that bans nearly all abortions has had little effect on travel, officials said. Tourism is the state's second largest industry, behind agriculture, as millions flock each year to see Mount Rushmore and the Badlands. It brought in an estimated $809 million last year.

But Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Women's Medical Fund Inc., a Wisconsin abortion rights group that called for the boycott, said she distrusts the claims. No shit. What else could she possibly say? Not having a leg to stand on, they try to create an issue where there is no issue.

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