Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Latest Anti-Bush Propaganda Film

See the latest video from concerned democrats

This is a very clever piece of propaganda. The bloody images are meant to convey that somehow Americans are responsible for all the scenes of carnage. Which pictures are the result of suicide bombings and which due to American action? This is a question that the producer of this boohoo piece is apparently not in the least interested in. The problem in
Iraq is not so much that the Americans are there. The problem is that Iraq was kept orderly by Saddam Hussein who used a great deal of hidden violence to keep his society in line (violence that liberals would never tolerate as long as they don’t have to look at or think about it). Once those constraints were removed, all the whack jobs came out of the box. Think of New Orleans. What happened when the civic structures that normally keep a society in line fell apart? All the animals came out to play and they weren’t Republicans.

This is not to say that going into Iraq was the right thing to do but the spin that this impeach shit is putting on things is mindless. Where is the concern for the millions who have been aborted by Democratic policies or the tens of thousands in America who have died from AIDS due to the aiding and abetting of homosexual conduct? Are there signs out to remove Nancy Pelosi and the monstrous and disgusting Diane Feinstein for mass murder? No, none of these things even occur to the liberal mind. We want to play with ourselves, we want to fuck whoever we want whenever we want, we want to be free to murder infants, to get diseases and take drugs, we want homosexual marriage and homosexual priests, we want jobs but not industry, we want clean air but not clean souls, we want--Booooooooooooooosh, Boooooooooooooooosh, they shriek. As if that was all anyone would need to know.


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