Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is Imus Being Crucified by Jews or Just Liberals in General?

There are those who might shake their heads at the tut tutting and moral disapproval expressed by the media over Don Imu's "knappy hos" remarks but there is no mistaking that this nonsense marks an important landmark in the devolution of America. Oh, and let's not forget the usually amusing Al Sharpton ponderously advising Imus to respect his own race by not denigrating himself as a "cracker" on Al's show. So what is wrong with this picture? Imus is being crucified by the PC crowd but this same crowd thinks nothing of men sticking their penises in multiple rectums (not to mention uncritically accepting vaginas) and slaying millions via AIDS in the process. Light a cigarette and see those with smoke sensitivities wrinkling their noses at the moral and unrepentent stench of the smoker. Yet display a story about an abortionist killing a baby who has nearly come to term and shoulders will barely shrug. Why has race become the last moral sensibility of those who have no moral sensibilities? Who is responsible? Is it the Jooooooooooos, the PC crowd in general or both?

One might raise the following issue as an anthropological observation (this is not racism): Jews, are particularly sensitive to racial issues because if the cracker crowd were allowed to express itself impenitently regarding the antics of the black brothers and sisters, no doubt and as sure as God made little green apples, the Jews might also become subject to the mockery of the Christian cracker. Could it be possible that any insult against blacks is ipso facto a potential insult against Jews and therefore worth marshalling the resources of the Jewish editorial complex and PC censors in general?

This kind of faux "sensitivity" has permeated our society. Does anyone remember the homosexual community's outrage against the homophobic comments that the US military was writing on its bombs? We could kill people in the Middle East but God forbid a homophobic comment should be written on a bomb casing? What is wrong, what is wrong with these devolved imbeciles? How about the faux outrage of Democratic politicians when their patriotism is questioned? Welcome to the Alice in Wonderland world where everything depends on "what you mean by is."

So personally speaking, I think Imus should be given the first annual Chris Rock, Racial Humor Equality Award and the hypocrites in the media should turn the eye of their shallow moral judgments upon themselves. What was it Christ said about plucking the mote from your brother's eye while not removing the log from your own? Whoops, I forgot, wasn't He was crucified for these and other scandalous remarks? Imagine suggesting that the Goyim might be equal to the chosen people in God's eyes and that what might make a man unclean is what comes out of his mouth. Don't tell the truth, don't tell the truth, don't tell the truth...don't even look at it.

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