Friday, June 15, 2007

Put on Your Anti-God Goggles

Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts claimed on Wednesday that the right to marriage had been saved in his state by what appears to be last minute maneuvering by leftist activists to deny the people of Massachusetts the right to vote on the issue. The people can't be allowed to vote because they might choose the wrong thing according to the left. What sort of dumb leftist cluck is Patrick? He might as well have celebrated that the right to insert penises into backsides had been preserved in Massachusetts. Even 20 years ago, a governor advocating sodomy would have been sensibly recalled from office by an outraged public.

Notice how the press portrays homosexuals in the context of issues such as this. They are always portrayed as smiling, healthy and normal looking people. They never show the fat and really gross lesbians or some of the more revolting simpering queers with AIDS because that doesn't convey the message of "folks just like us." Why is the press so interested in promoting the homosexual agenda? I would like to suggest that the two sacraments of the left, abortion and homosexuality, serve as an on-going inoculation against Christianity and authentic spirituality. Think of abortion and homosexuality as anti-God goggles.

Homosexuality does not exist as a true orientation in the vast numbers of new homosexuals. The true numbers are probably closer to 2% of the population. The majority of homosexuals are simply too lazy to be straight. What could be easier than a sexual relationship with the same sex? The same sex knows what you want and how you want it but why not just marry your dildo or artificial vagina? Oh, I forgot, they want someone to talk to.

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