Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dred Scott in Reverse: Dogs Worth More than a Man

Isn't it odd that Michael Vick may go to jail for killing and possibly torturing a few dogs and yet an abortionist can kill human beings daily and his or her behavior is sanctioned by the law? While Vick's behavior cannot be condoned, it represents a very sad state of affairs when abortionists can legally kill human beings and stop by their local coffee shops as if they were normal human beings.

The law in this country has become a caricature of justice--a plaything of democratic God haters and other moral pygmies. When the states ruled back in late colonial times that a black man could only be counted as three fifths of a man for states' representation in the House and Senate, who might have thought that a century later such a decision would become a perfect example of human stupidity. Hopefully and at some point in the near future we will look upon Roe vs. Wade as a piece of monumentally inhumane legislation

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