Friday, August 17, 2007

Washington Post Launches Political Virus

Here is the latest nonsense from the Washington Post. The moral pygmies at the Post are at it again. The same people who urinated in the pot of public opinion over the Vietnam war are now seeking to buttress their vision of a defeated America by attempting to wipe political excrement on the US military with a faux public service widget

"Iraq News to Your Site." [i.e.,Infect Others Now--Spread Lies and Pessimism]

"Track casualties and key Washington Post coverage (coverage? think yellow journalism) of U.S. strategy Iraq with these widgets. Information automatically updates several times each week. "

What this endlessly vapid publication is attempting to do is to keep the US casuality figures uppermost in the public mind by licensing these stats to other websites, so that the morally obtuse vision of the Post will propagate virally. Why not license a similar graphic showing the number of homosexuals who die from AIDS/Sodomy daily or the number of black people killed every day in the ghettos of America by the liberal politics of indifference to moral excellence?

During World War II, did the Washington Post, The New York Times or any other liberal paper in America post Jewish death statistics in the concentration camps? The answer is that they didn't and it has little to do with the state of communication technology in the 1940s but everything to do with moral focus, which costs nothing. None of the media seriously focused on the deaths of Jews in the Nazi camps just like they never focused on the deaths that occurred in Russia and China under the Communists or in Laos, Rwanda and Darfur by other lunatics. These publications wave their hands and publish a few op-ed pieces exposing the horror but they never put the same amount of energy into defending the dying and the innocent that they put into anti-war or anti-Republican activity. It just doesn't capture the imagination of the devolved.

At what point does the pandering to fear and the lowest common denominator gravitate towards sedition? Are we attributing too much calculation and reflection to the dough heads who run the Post? Does the Post really give a damn about anything other than increasing its circulation? Could it be that the owners of the Post are so morally perverse that the taking of any side in opposition to any form of decency becomes only a means to the acquisition of more shekels?

What the Post fears most of all is what all true liberals fear: a just society that both punishes and rewards behavior appropriately. This would require an adherence to some sort of moral schematic resembling the Aristotelian calculation of virtue and vice. This is the ultimate anathema of the left: a standard by which behavior might be measured. Should such a standard be employed, the owners of the Post would surely face a firing squad.

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